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The Western Connect Magazine - Dev Raturi, Amber Palace Indian Restaurant

An Ambassador of Indian Culture in China and a Multi-Talented Restaurateur

Dev Raturi is a multi-talented individual who has made a name for himself in the entertainment and hospitality industries. As the founder and brand ambassador of Amber Palace Indian Restaurant, he has successfully established a chain of eight restaurants in China.

In this exclusive interview with The Western Connect magazine, Dev shares his success mantra, the story behind Amber Palace’s success, and his other ventures.

What is the success mantra behind your sparkling career in entertainment and hospitality-tors?

Dev Raturi’s success mantra is to dream big, never give up, and have a vision. He believes everyone has a social responsibility towards society and humanity, and he considers a man successful when he can give back to the community. He also believes in the Indian philosophy of karma and doing one’s best without thinking about the results. Dev says that his dreams and vision have made him what he is today.

Amber Palace Indian Restaurant is making a mark for itself as one of the top dining experiences among customers. How did you achieve that?

The idea behind Amber Palace was to provide customers with a wholesome Indian experience and a wonderful dining experience. Dev wanted to showcase his country’s vivid culture and offer an Indian atmosphere to the customers. He says there was a cultural gap in China, and as a fellow Indian in a foreign land, he took the responsibility to showcase his country’s culture at the best level. The restaurant celebrates many Indian festivals like Holi and Diwali through special events and works closely with the Indian Embassy and consulate to take various initiatives across Xian. The restaurant believes in the Indian philosophy of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava,’ which means guests are equivalent to God. This has resulted in many local and foreign customers constantly returning for a great experience.

What were the challenges you faced before becoming one of the mainstream actors in China? Can the viewers expect you in the Indian movie industry someday?

Dev always wanted to become an actor and tried his luck in Bollywood, but he couldn’t utter a word in front of the camera. After 20 years, he received an excellent response when he got a chance in the Chinese industry. Since then, he has been playing different character roles and negative roles in TV and movies, which have helped him enhance his acting skills. Although not professionally trained in acting, he gives 101% to his roles. He was supposed to play a crucial role in one of the Indian films but couldn’t travel due to pandemic-related restrictions. However, Indian viewers can expect him to appear in Bollywood movies in the future. He has even received a proposal for his biopic from an eminent Indian movie director, and hopefully, it will fall into place soon.

You have been a part of many initiatives and promoting fraternities of both countries. Can you share with us some of your experiences?Dev has been actively promoting the fraternities of both countries and has been a part of many initiatives. He has been featured and interviewed in over 150 media channels in China and India, including the Global Times, The Economic Times, Xi’an Daily, China Daily, People’s Daily, The Hindu, and Hindustan Times. He was named the ‘Successful Indian in China’ by in 2018. He has also worked closely with the Indian Embassy and Consulates to take various initiatives, including one of the upcoming premium projects in Xian. He believes that it’s his social responsibility to give back to society through employment, supporting the underprivileged and orphanages and making a difference in their lives.

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