Breaking Barriers: Allison Gettings Empowers Women as Red Wing Shoe’s Groundbreaking Female CEO
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Breaking Barriers: Allison Gettings Empowers Women as Red Wing Shoe’s Groundbreaking Female CEO

The Western Connect Magazine - Breaking Barriers Allison Gettings Empowers Women as Red Wing Shoe's Groundbreaking Female CEO
Paving the Path to Progress and Leadership

TWC – In a groundbreaking move, Red Wing Shoe Co., the renowned heritage boot brand entrenched in a predominantly male-dominated work industry, appointed Allison Gettings as its first-ever female CEO, solidifying her place in history.

Bearing the weight of being the first in her role, Gettings acknowledges the immense pressure accompanying such a milestone. However, she has developed a resolute inner mantra that guides her through the challenges: “I don’t have to be him. I can do it my way,” Gettings proclaims with unwavering determination.

Gettings’ ascendancy to the top of Red Wing Shoe Co. holds the potential for far-reaching impacts. By embodying the position of a female CEO, she brings a fresh perspective to the company’s leadership team. She serves as a beacon of inspiration for its employees, illuminating an alternative approach to leadership.

Equipped with a wealth of experience during her impressive 14-year tenure at Red Wing, Gettings is well-prepared to excel in her new role. Throughout her career, she has spearheaded the successful launch of the women’s Heritage line, revitalized the brand’s outdoor business as the president of Vasque from 2018 to 2020, and, most notably, as the president of Red Wing, she championed the establishment of the company’s first dedicated corporate social responsibility department.

Allison Gettings’ appointment as Red Wing Shoe Co.’s first female CEO signifies a momentous milestone in the company’s history and the larger narrative of women breaking barriers in the business world. Her transformative leadership promises to pave the way for women seeking progress and empowerment in traditionally male-dominated industries while inspiring aspiring female executives everywhere.

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