Aera CEO Tina Bhojwani Unveils Trailblazing Initiative with 11 Women Investors Igniting Next Phase of Growth
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Aera CEO Tina Bhojwani Unveils Trailblazing Initiative with 11 Women Investors Igniting Next Phase of Growth

The Western Connect Magazine - Aera CEO Tina Bhojwani Unveils Trailblazing Initiative with 11 Women Investors Igniting Next Phase of Growth
Tina Bhojwani: Paving the Path to Success with Unconventional Strategies

TWC Magazine – In the world of business, conformity often reigns supreme. However, for Aera’s co-founder and CEO, Tina Bhojwani, breaking free from the conventional mould is her modus operandi. Instead of building a luxury vegan footwear brand, Bhojwani sought a novel approach to finding investors.

Recognizing that there may be a better fit for companies dedicated to steady, deliberate growth than the traditional early-stage fundraising model, Bhojwani was determined to chart a new course. “We knew we needed to think differently and wanted to align with investors who embodied our same ethos. That’s why we’re pioneering something new,” she explained to FN.

Thus, “The Aera Family” was born—a groundbreaking collective of 11 influential and impact-driven women investors, all sharing a commitment to long-term growth and a passion for amplifying the brand’s mission.

This impressive assembly of women brings diverse backgrounds, careers, experiences, and global perspectives. From Dubai to London, Milan to New York City, they converge as a united force, poised to propel Aera to new heights.

Bhojwani expressed her enthusiasm for this diverse coalition, stating, “At this stage of my company, these diverse perspectives are truly invaluable. I needed to surround myself with like-minded individuals who understood the essence of our materials and the significance of being a B Corp. Traditional investors rarely possess this level of involvement and passion. Thus, this group of exceptional women enables me to cultivate the brand in a nurturing and supportive manner.”

The inaugural investor of Aera was Elizabeth Novogratz, the founder and president of Species Unite—a nonprofit media project aiding individuals in transitioning away from animal products. Novogratz shared the serendipitous origin of the collaboration: “I first met Tina at an event for the nonprofit Materials Innovation Initiative, and her shoes caught my eye. I was enamoured by both her footwear and Aera’s purpose. Our initial meeting led to discussions about assembling a group of individuals who could transform this venture into a movement and community rather than merely a collection of investors.”

With Novogratz at the helm, her sisters Amy and Jacqueline quickly joined the investment round. The Aera Family’s ranks expanded to include Aditi Shah, Claudia Parzani, Shafali Jashanmal, Linn Hansen, Amrita Bhandari, Martha Berry, Kyra Barry, and Francesca Colombo—a remarkable cadre of women leaders.

Bhojwani, committed to thoughtful business development and growth, expressed her satisfaction with the outcome: “We have assembled a truly extraordinary community. It was the right decision for us, and the results have been phenomenal.”

In an industry often defined by conformity, Tina Bhojwani and her Aera Family stand out as trailblazers, revolutionizing the investment landscape with their unwavering commitment to purpose-driven growth. As Aera embarks on its next phase of expansion, guided by these formidable women, their unique approach is destined to reshape the boundaries of success and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs to embrace their contrarian spirit.

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