Agencies Simplify and Improve HR Services with Business Process Automation
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Agencies Simplify and Improve HR Services with Business Process Automation

The Western Connect Magazine - TWC Magazine Exclusive Transforming HR Services through Business Process Automation

Local governments have eased recruiting, onboarding, and other activities via the cloud.

TWC Magazine Exclusive: Transforming HR Services through Business Process Automation

Local governments across the country are revolutionizing their human resources operations by embracing business process automation. By replacing outdated legacy systems with cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms, agencies are simplifying and streamlining recruiting, onboarding, and self-service functions. TWC Magazine explores how Tampa, Florida, and Sedgwick County, Kansas, have successfully implemented these solutions to enhance their HR services.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and a pressing need for cost-cutting methods, organizations are actively seeking ways to upgrade and streamline their operations. Laura DiDio, principal analyst at ITIC, emphasizes that business process automation provides a solution that yields immediate payback in terms of cost savings and efficiency gains. By automating mundane tasks and reducing data backlog, agencies can improve response times and save money.

Tampa’s Success Story: Streamlining HR Systems

In 2020, the city of Tampa faced the challenge of upgrading its HR and finance systems as its existing Oracle system was nearing its end. Tampa’s CIO/CTO and director of technology and innovation, Russell Haupert, shares that the transition to Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications was driven by the platform’s ease of deployment, adaptability, and lower cost.

Haupert highlights the benefits of a cloud-based system, emphasizing that automatic updates and Oracle’s robust security measures provide peace of mind. With a configurable and user-friendly interface, the new system empowered employees to utilize self-service functions more effectively, reducing call volumes to the IT help desk and HR department.

Sedgwick County’s Recruiting Success

Sedgwick County, Kansas, faced a similar challenge with outdated systems, including a homegrown recruiting platform and an SAP finance and HR system. The county’s IT department discovered that SAP SuccessFactors offered a standalone recruiting and onboarding module, prompting an accelerated implementation to address the urgent need for effective recruitment.

By spring 2019, the SAP SuccessFactors module was live, followed by the deployment of larger HCM and payroll modules in December 2020. The seamless data integration between the recruiting platform, HCM, and payroll system eliminated dual entry and enhanced operational efficiency.

Business process automation revolutionizes HR operations, empowering local governments to simplify and improve their services. The success stories of Tampa and Sedgwick County highlight the benefits of adopting cloud-based platforms for workforce management. By embracing automation and digital transformation, agencies can enhance their HR processes, improve employee experiences, and achieve more significant economies of scale.

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