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The Western Connect Magazine - Adam Castillo
Adam Castillo is the Managing Director of Atalian Global Services Myanmar, a facility management company that empowers the people of Myanmar. In this interview with The Western Connect Magazine, Adam discusses his journey from the Marines to founding his own business in Myanmar and how he empowers the local people to be leaders and their bosses.

Can you tell us about transitioning from the Marines to founding your own business in Myanmar?
I couldn’t transition to the civilian world when I returned from Afghanistan. I couldn’t get a job, so I returned to the Reserves. The only way forward was to engage my network from my college days, which led to a move to Thailand and an introduction to my former business partner. In 2013, I founded a security business in Myanmar, and by the following year, the company had grown to employ thousands of locals across the country.

How did you empower the people of Myanmar through your business?
I learned in Afghanistan that a local problem needs a regional solution. So, I applied the same strategy to Myanmar. In the early days, I had young locals who just wanted an opportunity. I extended them this opportunity. I told them to believe in me, listen to me, do what I say, and trust me. I will empower you as leaders and be your boss. They have been with me ever since.

Can you tell us about the acquisition by Italian and the challenges you faced post-acquisition?
Italian bought 51% of the company, and I retained much of my share and the executive powers to run the company. My biggest challenge was convincing the market that it was no longer a one-person show. Facility management is broad, and there are many services to offer. We relied heavily on Italian expertise to achieve further growth.

How has your company fared during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Our people are considered frontline workers; we have been fortunate during the pandemic. We’re offering a weekly high-level disinfecting service for businesses, the same level of chemical disinfection that we do for hospitals. What the pandemic has done for the global economy is showing that, despite all our tech innovation, a worker is making sure we’re safe. It’s somebody doing this, not just an app.

What keeps you in Myanmar?
These people have relied on me and believed in me. I can’t walk away from that. My responsibility as their leader is to stay and ensure the business is safe so they can focus on the work needed to fight this virus. In conclusion, Adam Castillo’s experience as a frontline leader in the Marine Corps and Myanmar has prepared him to handle crises with grace and determination. Through his business, Atalian Global Services Myanmar, Adam has continued to empower and invest in the local community while providing essential facility management services. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Adam has stepped up as a leader, ensuring the safety and well-being of his employees and the wider community. His commitment to putting people first and empowering local solutions is a testament to his leadership skills and dedication to creating positive change.

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