Clearwater International Unveils ESG Advisory Services to Drive Sustainable Growth in the Mid-Market
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Clearwater International Unveils ESG Advisory Services to Drive Sustainable Growth in the Mid-Market

The Western Connect Magazine - Clearwater International has launched its innovative ESG Advisory service
Global finance advisory firm pioneers ESG Advisory to enhance mid-sized businesses’ ESG performance, bolster valuations, and foster long-term sustainability.

TWC – Clearwater International, a leading global corporate finance advisory firm, has launched its innovative ESG Advisory service to bridge the ESG gap in mid-sized businesses. Recognizing the potential negative impact of inadequate ESG capabilities on finance-raising efforts and sustainable growth, Clearwater International has taken the initiative to address this pressing need.

One of the critical features of the newly introduced service is the comprehensive “ESG Health Check,” now integrated into Clearwater’s core advisory offering. Every new client will undergo a thorough evaluation based on 38 key performance indicators (KPIs), resulting in an overall assessment, a balanced scorecard, and valuable recommendations.

Clearwater’s expanding Impact team spearheads the ESG Advisory service, serving as the initial step in developing a professionalized ESG platform that supports performance, transaction processes, company valuation, and access to debt funding.

Jo Daley, Director and Head of Impact at Clearwater International, emphasized the significance of this service, stating, “Mid-market businesses often lack the expertise and resources to ensure a robust ESG strategy fortifies their growth and investment goals.

With stakeholder decision-making increasingly influenced by ESG factors, our new service will bridge this capability gap, preventing it from hindering high-growth companies.”

Daley further elaborated on Clearwater’s advantageous position, citing access to management and potential investors during crucial stages of a business’s development. This optimal point serves as a springboard for establishing a consistent and scalable ESG reporting framework and a delivery plan that lays the foundation for long-term success. Clearwater aims to act as a catalyst for positive change by fostering thoughtful capitalism and assisting companies in transitioning to a more impact-driven economy.
Mark Taylor, UK CEO of Clearwater International, commented, “Our clients face the rapid emergence of ESG as a fundamental consideration in their day-to-day operations and future strategies. In response, we have invested in a dedicated team to guide business owners through this landscape. Additionally, funders view ESG as a strong indicator of good governance, innovation, resilience, and the caliber of management teams and their vision.”
Taylor highlighted the firm’s role as a key advisor in addressing this critical area of risk and value creation at the earliest stages. The ESG Advisory service aligns with Clearwater’s broader commitment to ESG, and as one of Europe’s most active mid-market advisors, they anticipate elevating ESG standards for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Clearwater International’s ESG Advisory service signifies a pioneering effort to empower mid-sized businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving corporate landscape. By facilitating more robust ESG performance and bolstering company valuations, Clearwater is driving sustainable growth and positioning itself as a trusted partner in navigating the ESG terrain.

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