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The Western Connect Magazine - Dr. Manish Doshi, Founder and M.D. of Concept Medical

Dr. Manish Doshi, Founder and M.D. of Concept Medical, is pivotal in renovating the global medical device industry by driving innovative medical devices in India. Concept Medical is an innovative platform that develops technologies for drug delivery with a focus on coronary and peripheral interventions. In this exclusive interview with The Western Connect, Dr. Doshi discusses the concept of innovative medical devices, proprietary technologies, and the challenges faced by the company in a COVID-affected market.

Dr. Doshi defines the concept of innovative medical devices as advancing innovation and converting concepts into reality. Concept Medical has achieved promising advancements in dialysis, balloon angioplasty, reintervention, erectile dysfunction, catheterization, and more. The company is an expert in designing drug-coated balloons and drug-eluting stents, with the latter being especially useful for patients with diabetic conditions. Concept Medical has also introduced peripheral angioplasty to solve the problem for a lifetime in just a few hours. The company will be the first in the world to enter the United States and Japan from India to design advanced medical devices.

Dr. Doshi discusses the proprietary technologies catering to unmet needs in the cardiovascular and peripheral intervention field. The company has created an excipient that is a blood-mimicking component; through that, they deliver the drugs. Concept Medical is the first company to get European approval for a sirolimus-coated balloon to treat below the knee, superficial femoral artery, erectile dysfunction, and dysfunctional fistula and graft, apart from coronary applications. The company has also managed to develop a proprietary drug delivery technology to use for erectile dysfunction and hopes to use the same for oncology in the future as well.

Dr. Doshi talks about the challenges faced by the company when operating in a COVID-affected market. Only emergency angioplasties and cardiovascular procedures across the world restricted the company. Since most of the raw materials are imported, their deliveries were delayed, causing a delay in shipping their materials to various destinations. However, the company managed to adapt to the situation by ensuring the safety of its employees, collaborating with hospitals to provide emergency support, and using digital platforms to interact with clients and stakeholders.

He pioneering efforts drive Concept Medical to greater heights in the global medical device industry. With his commitment to advancing innovation and elevating health, Concept Medical is sure to become a leader in innovative medical devices.

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