Mile-High Relief: Denver Gas Prices Plummet Below $3, Marking a Milestone Decline

Mile-High Relief: Denver Gas Prices Plummet Below $3, Marking a Milestone Decline

The Western Connect Magazine - Denver Gas Prices Plummet Below $3
A Thanksgiving Bonus for Denver Drivers: Gas Prices Plummet by Over 61 Cents in a Month

TWC Magazine – Denver residents gearing up for a Thanksgiving road trip will find an unexpected reason to be grateful this year – the city’s gas prices have dipped below the $3 per gallon mark for the first time in nearly a year.

As of Monday, the average price for a gallon of gasoline in Denver was recorded at a wallet-friendly $2.95, according to a comprehensive survey conducted by across 844 stations in the city. This marks a substantial 14-cent drop from last week and a remarkable 61.2 cents less than just a month ago.

In a recent news release, Patrick De Haan, the head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, highlighted the significance of this downward trend. “As millions of Americans gear up to hit the road for Thanksgiving, the national average is seeing its longest streak of declines in over a year, reaching a ninth straight week as gas prices fall to their lowest since January,” he stated.

This milestone returns gas prices below $3 per gallon for Denver, a sight not seen for 316 days since January 8. Back then, the average gallon cost $2.97, according to data.

The positive trend extends beyond Denver’s borders, with GasBuddy reporting that 65,000 stations nationwide are currently charging $2.99 per gallon or lower. Moreover, 11 states have achieved average prices below the $3 threshold. Colorado, while not quite reaching the sub-$3 level, boasts an average price of $3.08 per gallon as of Monday.

De Haan anticipates that the sub-$3 club may see new members by Thanksgiving. “In addition, we could see five more states join the sub-$3 club by Thanksgiving,” he predicted, hinting at further relief for drivers nationwide.

As families prepare to gather for the Thanksgiving holiday, the dip in gas prices serves as a welcome reprieve, allowing travelers to focus more on gratitude and less on the strain at the pump. With the current trajectory, Denver residents and many others across the country will continue to enjoy a more cost-effective journey into the holiday season.

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