Empowering Employees: The Key to Business Success
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Empowering Employees: The Key to Business Success

Social psychologist and World Business Forum speaker, Amy Cuddy, believes that the traditional hierarchy of power in the workplace has shifted in recent years. Today, businesses are empowering employees at all levels by nurturing their resources. This power shift has changed the nature of power in the industry.

According to Cuddy, power has evolved to include personal management, a psychological quality. This power allows individuals to control their internal resources, such as skills, knowledge, emotional intelligence, empathy, and more. By managing these resources, individuals can activate the behavioural approach system, making them more optimistic, able to take risks, create, and be cognitively agile, courageous, and even willing to protect or stand up for others when necessary.

Cuddy also emphasizes the importance of effective body language in conveying confidence and trustworthiness. Leaders who listen, change direction when necessary, express compassion, and are open to diverse ideas and employees are considered the best leaders. Such practices improve workplace culture, leading to better employee retention.

Recruiting and retaining the best employees requires effective communication and an understanding what works for them. Cuddy recommends that businesses focus on genuinely caring for and rewarding existing employees rather than recruiting new people. By doing so, companies can create a safe and empowering environment that brings out the best in employees.

Cuddy will discuss these topics at the World Business Forum in Sydney in October 2023. By empowering employees and focusing on personal power and effective communication, businesses can take themselves to new heights.

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