Lance Han: Refining Therapeutic Progress through Modeling
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Lance Han: Refining Therapeutic Progress through Modeling

The Western Connect Magazine - Lance Han, CEO, Cyagen Biosciences
As the CEO of Cyagen Biosciences, Lance Han is at the forefront of developing advanced AI models in cell and gene therapy R&D solutions. With a decade of knowledge in creating genetically modified cell and rodent models for research institutions, university laboratories, biotech companies, and clinical researchers, he has gained valuable insights into the scientific community’s needs. In this interview with The Western Connect Magazine, Lance shares his professional journey and the lessons he has learned.

How would you define Cyagen Biosciences as an organization and its position in the market? What is the unique proposition that your organization offers to clients?
We at Cyagen Biosciences have made it our mission to help life scientists worldwide achieve success. We specialize in creating genetically modified cell and rodent models for research institutions, university laboratories, biotech companies, and clinical researchers. Our goal is to help these professionals successfully conduct research that leads to publications in high-impact journals or advances their drug discovery processes. Fundamentally, we have been dealing with information all along, information ranging from genotype to phenotype. With this information and data-driven approach, we can train computer neural networks to model different life processes, providing our clients with valuable scientific insights to provide us with a competitive advantage.

What unique experiences Tsinghua University offers, and what did you learn from the campus beyond academics?
As a Mechanical Engineering major, I had the opportunity to learn how to tackle real-world challenges through mathematical modeling. I discovered that understanding their mathematical representation is the first step in solving such problems. Beyond my academic pursuits, I also explored the campus’s artistic and musical offerings and learned much from them.

Tell us about your leadership approach and your methodologies to lead your team.
As a leader, I lead by example, serving as a role model for my team and inspiring them to think outside the box and take calculated risks, even if that means making mistakes. I draw upon my experience at Alcatel in Canada, where I learned the value of encouraging innovation and empowering employees to take ownership of new initiatives. In addition, I adopt a liberal mindset to promote a culture of creativity and foster an environment where team members feel free to express their ideas without being afraid of critique or judgment. Ultimately, I aim to empower my team to reach their full potential and achieve collective success through collaboration and continuous improvement.

Tell us about the Discovery and Preclinical CRO services you offer at Cyagen Biosciences.
Cyagen Biosciences offers Discovery and Preclinical CRO services that cater to drug development, screening, and efficacy evaluation under one roof. Our approach is designed to streamline the process, utilizing data analysis and AI predictions to anticipate the impact of genetic mutations. With a broad focus on research areas such as oncology, immunology, metabolism, cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, and infectious diseases, our team of experienced professionals continually optimizes our gene editing technologies to provide the highest quality models to researchers. We can carefully select disease models to accelerate drug development and facilitate drug screening and efficacy evaluations.

What is the future destination for Cyagen Biosciences?
Cyagen Biosciences is poised for a promising future in the rapidly advancing field of medicine, focusing on cell and gene therapy (CGT). This cutting-edge approach offers new hope for patients with genetic diseases, as it targets the source of the problem at the DNA and RNA levels. In conclusion, Cyagen Biosciences, under the leadership of Lance Han, has established itself as a leading supplier of genetically modified cell and rodent models and advanced AI models in CGT R&D solutions. The company’s focus on providing valuable scientific insights through a data-driven approach and its dedication to helping researchers succeed has helped it stand out in the market. With a strong emphasis on CGT and other emerging medicine modalities, Cyagen is well-positioned to play a significant role in driving therapeutic advances in the future.

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