Embracing Transformation: Insights from Z Energy’s Fearless CDO
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Embracing Transformation: Insights from Z Energy’s Fearless CDO

The Western Connect Magazine - Mandy Simpson Z Energy's CDO
Mandy Simpson, Z Energy’s CDO, shares her journey of building trust, driving change, and the power of embracing new opportunities in an exclusive interview with The Western Connect.

TWC – The energy sector constantly evolves, with digital transformation becoming the norm. However, true transformation is a challenging feat. It requires hard work, perseverance, and maintaining high-performance teams. Mandy Simpson, the Chief Digital Officer at Z Energy, New Zealand, understands this reality all too well. In a recent interview with Kylie Ross, the Editor in Chief of The Western Connect, Simpson delved into her experience working for high-change organizations, building trust within IT teams, and stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

According to Simpson, one of the key challenges organizations face is the perception and reputation of their technology teams. Trust is paramount in driving significant change. Simpson emphasizes the importance of becoming a trusted partner within the organization. Building trust takes time and requires consistently delivering on commitments over weeks, months, and years. Once the IT team is regarded as reliable, their expertise propels the organization forward.

Attracting a diverse workforce is another hurdle that the energy sector must overcome. Simpson believes in breaking stereotypes and showcasing the wide range of roles available within IT and technology. From developers and testers to product managers and data analysts, the digital team at Z Energy offers opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds. Highlighting this diversity is crucial in attracting talented individuals who may have previously dismissed the industry due to its narrow perception.

As a leadership team member, Simpson actively seeks to understand every aspect of the organization. Her role as CDO goes beyond technology discussions. She recognizes the value of comprehending the entire business, from fuel supply to customer-facing operations. While she is still learning much about the energy sector, she acknowledges that understanding the industry is essential to driving meaningful change within it.

Simpson’s advice to aspiring leaders is to seek diverse experiences. Stepping outside one’s technical role should be an opportunity rather than a setback. These experiences provide a broader perspective and ultimately shape effective leadership. Simpson encourages individuals to embrace roles that may initially scare them, as those are the opportunities for the most significant personal growth.

In a captivating interview with The Western Connect’s Kylie Ross, Mandy Simpson shares her insights on embracing change, achieving transformation, and the qualities required of a forward-thinking CIO. The interview offers valuable lessons for aspiring leaders in the dynamic digital landscape.

As a modern-day CIO, Simpson recognizes the need to stay well-informed about technological advancements and trends. She actively seeks opportunities to learn and expand her knowledge, ensuring she remains at the forefront of industry developments. By doing so, she can effectively drive digital transformation initiatives and make informed decisions that benefit the organization.

Simpson’s leadership style revolves around collaboration and open communication. She believes in building solid relationships with her team members, stakeholders, and business partners. By fostering a culture of trust and transparency, she creates an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their best.

When asked about the challenges she faces, Simpson acknowledges the complexity of the energy sector and the diverse range of factors that impact the industry. However, she sees these challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. By embracing the unknown and stepping out of her comfort zone, Simpson has navigated unfamiliar territories and made a positive impact.

In conclusion, Mandy Simpson, Z Energy’s CDO, is a true visionary leader who understands the significance of trust, continuous learning, and embracing change. Her journey exemplifies the qualities required to succeed in the fast-paced world of digital transformation. By prioritizing trust-building, promoting diversity, and fearlessly pursuing new opportunities, Simpson has established herself as a role model for aspiring leaders in the technology and energy sectors.

The Mandy Simpson offers valuable insights and inspiration for professionals aspiring to make a difference in their organizations. It serves as a reminder that true transformation is not just about implementing new technologies but also about fostering a culture of trust, embracing change, and having the courage to take on new challenges.

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