Meet Kate Mortimer, the New Principal of Sheldon College
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Meet Kate Mortimer, the New Principal of Sheldon College

The new Principal of Sheldon College, Kate Mortimer, has always been drawn to challenges. With a Bachelor of Education from the University of Sydney, Mortimer started her career in state education in Sydney’s Inner West before moving to an independent school on the Lower North Shore.

In January 2022, Mortimer took on her biggest challenge when she became the first new Principal in 25 years at Brisbane’s Sheldon College. The school, established by Lyn Bishop in 1997, is known for its traditional values and progressive thinking. Mortimer approached her new role by being present, visible, and demonstrating care to staff and the community. She also made sure to prioritize the students in all her decision-making.

Mortimer has initiated minor operational changes at the school that respect Bishop’s legacy. The school has made progress in strategic and operational planning, improved educational practices, and strengthened partnerships with parents and students. Mortimer is now looking to the future, focusing on Industry 4.0, or IR4, which allows the school to delve into its master planning. This includes bigger breakout spaces and more communal areas to facilitate future-focused and career-ready students.

Sustainability is also a key focus at Sheldon College. The school has won awards for its sustainability initiatives, including a 1.2-megawatt solar installation that won the “Over 100 KW” prize at the Clean Energy Council’s Solar Design and Installation Awards 2022.
Well-being programs are another area of focus for Mortimer, who is building a new program from scratch with the help of the community, parents, and students. Mortimer believes that love, laughter, and learning are at the core of Sheldon College’s philosophy and that connections with young people matter most.

As Mortimer continues to shape tomorrow’s disruptors, she emphasizes that education is all about innovation and creating graduates who are risk-takers and brave enough to ask the right questions for the future. With Mortimer’s leadership, Sheldon College is poised to continue to thrive as one of the country’s outstanding educational institutions.

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