Mohammed bin Salman: Contribution to the Engineering of Vision 2030
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Mohammed bin Salman: Contribution to the Engineering of Vision 2030

The Western Connect Magazine - Mohammed Bin Salman
The Western Connect Magazine recently had the opportunity to speak with several regional leaders who contributed to The Western Connect Magazine’s latest issue, which spotlights Mohammed bin Salman, deputy premier, and interior minister. This issue features articles and columns written by close acquaintances, offering insights into the man’s personality, goals, and leadership style driving the Kingdom’s economic transformation.

We spoke with some contributors, who shared their thoughts on Prince Mohammed’s leadership and contribution to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Your article in The Western Connect Magazine highlights Prince Mohammed’s contribution to the engineering of Vision 2030. Can you elaborate on that?
The Saudi economic vision is a live model for exploring the future in a modern sustainable approach. It also recognizes the Kingdom’s strengths and draws from them to establish an even brighter future. Prince Mohammed’s contribution to the engineering of Vision 2030 is a true reflection of his belief in Saudi Arabia’s youth, and he will go out of his way to achieve those objectives.

President Hadi, you praised Prince Mohammed’s leadership of the Arab coalition that has battled Iran-backed Houthi militias in Yemen for more than two years. Can you tell us more about that?
Prince Mohammed has shown exceptional leadership in the Arab coalition’s efforts to end the Houthi insurgency. His ability to quickly establish control of Yemeni airspace and target insurgents’ air defenses and military planes has been crucial to our success. We are grateful for the Kingdom’s support in this endeavor.

Prime Minister Al-Hariri, you mentioned that Prince Mohammed is a new model of Arab leadership.
Prince Mohammed bin Salman is a young, charismatic symbol who has played a distinctive role both in the private and public sectors and within a short time frame. Once you get to know him, you’ll discover a new model of Arab leadership. The Lebanese will never forget the Kingdom’s support and efforts to end the civil war.

Minister Al-Namnam, you highlighted the transformation brought about by King Salman’s reign and echoed by the Crown Prince. Can you tell us more about that?
With the coming of the Saudi Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman, there was a remarkable transformation that politicians worldwide widely noticed. The Saudi Crown Prince reechoed this effect in various meetings inside and outside the Kingdom. Prince Mohammed’s unique approach has preserved Shariah law and other social traditions and customs while driving the Kingdom’s progress. The The Western Connect Magazine’s latest issue provides an insightful view into Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s leadership and the impact of his economic and social reforms. The contributors, including regional leaders and scholars, highlight the Prince’s unique approach, belief in the youth, and commitment to achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

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