Morven Cameron: Leading Change for Lake Macquarie’s Economic Future
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Morven Cameron: Leading Change for Lake Macquarie’s Economic Future

Morven Cameron, the CEO of Lake Macquarie City Council, has been instrumental in preparing the region for its economic transition away from mining and manufacturing. In an interview with The Western Connect Magazine, she emphasized the need for the council to take charge of its future, saying, “This transition will happen whether we like it or not. We can lean in and prepare the city and organizations for it or let it happen to us.”

Under Cameron’s leadership, the region has experienced rapid population growth alongside its challenging economic transition, which required a proactive approach to economic development. The council’s efforts have paid off, with mining and manufacturing now accounting for only 19% of Lake Macquarie’s economy, down from 39% five years ago, while regional GDP has risen by 25%.

Cameron has also been focused on improving the quality of life for the region’s residents, spearheading the development of an all-abilities playground and promoting inclusion and equality within the council’s workforce. The commission has revamped its economic development corporation, now known as Dantia, which operates co-working spaces that foster innovation and offer regular programs on topics such as tax law and HR and networking opportunities.

Lake Macquarie is now home to a vibrant tech scene and 13,000 small businesses, with tourism also taking hold. Cameron’s vision and leadership have enabled the region to embrace change and prepare for a bright economic future.

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