Rakesh Routhu aims to establish the world’s largest drone ecosystem.
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Rakesh Routhu aims to establish the world’s largest drone ecosystem.

The Western Connect Magazine - Establishing World's Largest Drone Ecosystem

TWC – Australia is considered one of the most favourable environments for starting a business, thanks to its ease of business, credit acquisition, contract enforcement, trade policies, lifestyle, and business growth opportunities. Rakesh Routhu, the Co-Founder and COO of Aerologix, is one such entrepreneur who realized his dream of becoming a successful new-age entrepreneur in Australia and called the country his second home.

Rakesh’s journey from a Ticket Inspector in Indian Railways to a Chef in a Vietnamese restaurant, a Black Jack Dealer in a Casino, and a Bartender, exposed him to various shades of life and helped him ace them all. He is the Co-founder of R2 Robotronics, an award-winning start-up in India across the drone-tech space. Also, he held brief exposure to Army life as an Officer Cadet in the Australian Army Reserves, which taught him the values of discipline, courage, initiative, and teamwork.

With over seven years of work experience in the Banking & Financial Services industry in IT implementation and project management in Australia and India, Rakesh is passionate about using big data and AI to create a value proposition for companies. Under his guidance, Aerologix has emerged as the number. Additionally, Rakesh’s extensive experience in the drone-tech industry has enabled him to establish strong partnerships with some of the leading companies in the field, such as DroneDeploy, Precision Autonomy, and CR Kennedy, among others. These partnerships have helped Aerologix expand its services and provided the company with access to cutting-edge technology and resources.

Aerologix’s unique selling proposition (USP) is its ability to provide high-quality drone services to various industries, including telecommunications, agriculture, infrastructure, and mining. The company’s deep tech platform allows clients to connect with drone pilots on-demand, enabling them to obtain accurate and timely data for their business operations. The patented 3D flight navigation feature is handy for telco inspections, where the drone can take over automatically and fly according to an algorithm, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Overall, Rakesh Routhu and his team at Aerologix are leading the charge in creating the largest drone ecosystem in the world. The company is poised for further growth and success in the future, thanks to its emphasis on innovation, quality, and customer service.

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