Sony’s Project Q Rumored to Launch in November, Offering Streamed PS5 Games on a Handheld Device

Sony’s Project Q Rumored to Launch in November, Offering Streamed PS5 Games on a Handheld Device

The Western Connect Magazine - Sony's Project Q Launces PS5 Games
Get ready for a possible November release of Sony‘s Project Q, a handheld streaming device for PS5 games.

TWC – Sony recently announced its upcoming handheld gaming device, codenamed Project Q, which will allow gamers to stream their favorite PS5 games directly from their home console. While Sony did not provide a specific release date, a recent rumor suggests that Project Q may hit the shelves in November.

Insider Gaming’s renowned reporter, Tom Henderson, who previously leaked details about the Sony handheld back in April, took to Twitter to reveal that Project Q is on track for a mid to late-November release. The PlayStation earbuds may launch around the same time, if not earlier.

Henderson did not share any further specifics about Sony’s Project Q Launces PS5 Games including its price point. However, if his information holds, it means that Sony’s streaming handheld will be available just in time for the holiday season, coinciding with the third anniversary of the PS5.

Project Q is an 8-inch LCD tablet featuring half of a DualSense controller on each side, resembling the design concept of the Nintendo Switch. However, unlike the Switch, Project Q is expected to focus exclusively on streaming games from the PS5 rather than supporting standalone gameplay. This streaming-only device will provide users with remote access to their PS5 games.

While it remains to be seen if Project Q offers additional features beyond being a streaming portal, it’s worth mentioning that the PS5 and PS4 already support remote play on smartphones. Users can also enhance their mobile gaming experience using controller grips like the Backbone One. However, there’s potential for Sony to integrate PlayStation Plus’s cloud gaming feature into Project Q, allowing users to enjoy cloud gaming on the go. It should be noted that Sony has not officially announced such a feature.

As we await further details, you can find comprehensive information about Sony’s Project Q Launces PS5 Games in our dedicated hub. Get ready to experience streamed PS5 games on the go with this innovative handheld device.

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