Uber Employees Express Anguish Over DEI Seminar on White Women: ‘Don’t Call Me Karen’

Uber Employees Express Anguish Over DEI Seminar on White Women: ‘Don’t Call Me Karen’

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Uber Apologizes for Seminar, Acknowledges Employee Concerns

TWC – Uber’s DEI czar, Bo Young Lee, has taken a leave of absence following employee complaints about an event titled “Don’t Call Me Karen.” The company issued an email apology to its staff, aiming to address the seminar that focused on the “American white woman’s experience” and the term “Karen,” as The New York Times reported.

“Karen” is a racially charged insult often used to describe entitled White women prone to reporting Black individuals to authorities. Uber acknowledged that many employees felt hurt and disturbed by the recent “Moving Forward” session, which was intended to be a dialogue but failed to provide a sense of being heard.

The company’s initiative was to reconcile with employees who believed they were being lectured about the challenges faced by white women and the derogatory nature of the term “Karen.” Some attendees expressed their discontent, with one employee stating, “I felt like I was being scolded for the entirety of that meeting.”

Another employee questioned why bad behaviour couldn’t be called out without resorting to labels such as “Karen,” as it implies a lack of empathy towards and discomfort with individuals who don’t resemble them. Uber recognized the need to address these concerns and expressed regret for any distress caused by the seminar.

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