Volkswagen Unveils Retro Electric Microbus with Spacious Three-Row Seating

Volkswagen Unveils Retro Electric Microbus with Spacious Three-Row Seating

The Western Connect Magazine - Volkswagen Unveils Retro Electric Microbus
VW’s ID. Buzz Electric Van Takes on the American Market with Expanded Seating Options

TWC Volkswagen (VOW.DE) has delighted fans of the iconic Microbus by introducing the electrified ID—buzz model. The company has taken it further by announcing a three-row variant exclusively designed for the North American market, catering to the growing demand for larger SUVs. The original Microbus was renowned for its three-row configuration and the ID. Buzz stays true to its roots while embracing the modern era with an electric rear-mounted motor.

Compared to the standard European version, the new three-row ID. Buzz will be 10 inches long, providing ample space for passengers and cargo. Its electric motor packs an impressive 282 horsepower, delivering a powerful and smooth ride. Volkswagen offers an all-wheel drive option with a dual-motor setup for those seeking even more performance, generating an impressive 330 horsepower. To support the increased power and range, both the rear-wheel and dual-motor configurations will be equipped with a larger 91 kWh battery, surpassing the 82 kWh battery in the European model.

Pablo Di Si, President, and CEO of Volkswagen of America, expressed his enthusiasm for the reincarnation of the Microbus, stating, “The ID. Buzz is the spiritual successor to the Microbus, reimagined for the electric future. It combines practicality, sustainability, and the unmistakable fun characteristic of the classic Volkswagen brand. With its launch, the Microbus will become our American brand hero again.”

Volkswagen’s decision to introduce a three-row version of the ID. Buzz demonstrates its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of families while tapping into the ever-growing market for spacious SUVs. The electrified Microbus retains the nostalgia-inducing design that made the original a beloved icon while seamlessly integrating advanced electric technology. With its ample three-row seating, powerful electric motor, and extended range, the ID. Buzz is poised to capture the hearts and minds of families across North America, solidifying its place as a true Volkswagen legend in the making.

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