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The Western Connect Magazine - Nandhini Priya, CEO of YEKA Cosmetics

Leading YEKA Cosmetics with Innovative Business Planning for Sustainable Success

Nandhini Priya, CEO of YEKA Cosmetics, has always had a personal inclination towards self-care and skincare. However, she realized that cosmetics had become synonymous with chemicals, with over 85,000 chemicals in the Industry, many of which are toxic to the Skin. This realization prompted her to provide natural yet practical solutions to all skincare issues through her brand YEKA Cosmetics.

In an exclusive interview with The Western Connect, Nandhini talks about her professional journey and the unique business operations of YEKA Cosmetics.

Can you tell us more about your educational and professional background? 

I am a Law Graduate from Madurai Law College. With over ten years of experience in civil services exam preparation, I started a free IAS study center in Anna Nagar, Chennai. Alongside this, I founded the “PeNPassionates,” a Women Entrepreneur Association aimed at empowering micro, small, and medium women entrepreneurs. The group consists of talented and passionate women doing small-scale businesses. We conduct periodic training and mentoring sessions to develop them. My civil services preparation gave me confidence, the ability to think beyond limits, and a lateral thinking approach for every challenge we faced. With this expertise, confidence, and a great team of Siddha Experts & Cosmetic Consultants, I founded YEKA Cosmetics.

    Can you brief us on the products offered by YEKA Cosmetics? 

    Natural cosmetics are relatively scarce, and when it comes to affordability, they are almost non-existent. The prices of natural organic products often need to be higher for middle-class consumers. Hence, we decided to create a brand that resonates with both 100% natural and affordability for middle-income consumers. We offer a wide range of skincare and hair care products, including different types of hair oils and skin oils.

    What sets YEKA Cosmetics apart from its competitors? 

    Our ancestors used various herbs as a great relief to significant skin problems, and 90% of these herbs are yet to be explored due to a lack of research. Our vision is to identify and promote such local herbs. The cost of our products is also reduced as we don’t need to import any ingredients when we have such wonder herbs on our land. YEKA plans to find herbs and local natural products and bring them into our skincare products. Unlike conventional business models, our approach is an entirely new generation model, and 90% of our work is done through mobile. We manage our primary business operations through more than 15 office groups on WhatsApp. From taking up orders, office instructions, assignments, design, and content, all are managed through WhatsApp. We also conduct our marketing and brand-building through various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

    Can you talk more about the uniqueness of the ingredients used in your products?

    Since a young age, I have been a regular buyer of various cosmetic products. My friends and relatives have even bullied me for dumping my shelf with all possible cosmetic products. Despite all these expenses, I couldn’t find a proper solution for my pimples/acne. But to my surprise, it was cured on regular application of a simple, natural home remedy. I want to know why such products haven’t been on the market. When I started exploring, I realized every ingredient of the commercial cosmetic had been mostly chemicals or if in the case of natural products, the ingredients were mostly imported or pricey. But the home remedy or simple granny secrets like applying a particular type of basil juice for pimples had been formulated. This raised many questions in me, and we decided to promote Natural Cosmetics using our own unexplored Traditional Indian Herbs & provide the Best Natural Solution to all Beauty Needs at affordable prices. Recently we have witnessed many natural skin care brands on the rise, and our quality and affordability help us stand out from the rest.

    For instance, Kuppaimeni leaf is a locally available herb, which, when applied as a face pack, makes your Skin glow as gold. Its results surprise you when compared to other expensive gold facials. And most of the soap in the Industry uses chemical ingredients or ingredients which aren’t native to our land & have to be imported. We realized the immense benefits of our Native Herbs like Avarampoo, Liquorice, Moringa, Lotus, Hibiscus, Virgin Coconut Oil, etc. Henceforth, we curate every product using these magical herbs, and our natural handmade soaps are currently in R&D. One of the many unique ingredients we use is AVARAMPOO, a beautiful yellow flower with been known since our Vedic age for its Great Skincare Benefits. It is an excellent ingredient that increases Skin Glow and cures all Skin related ailments like whiteheads, blackheads, scars & Spots. So, this had been a significant ingredient in our soap research process.

    How would you describe your entrepreneurial journey so far, and do you have any advice/suggestions for budding entrepreneurs in the same segment?

    It is always interesting when you do the job you love. That is what we call passion. Being an entrepreneur means being aware of every work from the lower hierarchy to the top decision-making roles. Though we have an in-house team for designing and content writing, I enjoy it when I get into these and contribute my designs and content writing. My entrepreneurial journey has taught me much and helped me become a better business leader.

    As far as my advice is concerned, “Do Business On Paper First!” Before starting any business, we also need to plan every minute part. Talk to entrepreneurs from various categories, and discuss their challenges and journey with them. Think from every aspect. Fore think about the problems that may arise and devise a solution for every problem. And being an entrepreneur is all about being a jack of all trades. If you are good at Product making, your line of business doesn’t just stop with manufacturing. You must also know about finances, accounting, people management, logistics, administration, etc. And it may sound cliché but don’t get demotivated by failures. Every failure teaches you a lesson. It would help if you tried until the end before giving up on an idea.

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