Zarine Manchanda: The Quintessential Young Woman of Substance
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Zarine Manchanda: The Quintessential Young Woman of Substance

The Western Connect Magazine - Zarine Manchanda
The Western Connect Magazine enjoyed interviewing Zarine Manchanda, a respected philanthropist, and award-winning entrepreneur. She is a rare gem of a woman who excels effortlessly as a Beauty with Brains. With movie-star good looks and strong business DNA, Zarine has catapulted onto the national and global stage, engaged in multiple business expansions even during COVID restrictions and lockdowns.

Can you share your background and pedigree?
I was born into a life of privilege and luxury under being the daughter of a prominent politician and businessman in Himachal Pradesh, near Dharamsala. I owe everything to my parents. My father is one of the most respected people in all of HP, and he provided our family with a luxurious lifestyle. My mother raised me with strong principles and ethical values.

How did you become involved in philanthropy work?
I always saw politics as a career option due to my background. To enter this world, I was advised to be a social worker and start a foundation, which I did. Two years later, the Zarine Manchanda Foundation has administered almost 200 charity donation programs, providing food, clothing, and other essentials to Mumbai’s poorest and neediest citizens.

Can you tell us more about the foundation and your charity programs?
The programs begin in the slum cells of Aarey Colony, where my foundation is based. We ventured into the slums and Aarey’s most remote tribal areas to help people experiencing poverty. Hundreds of residents clamored for me in each program, giving me “rock star status.” The programs have continued regularly even during COVID, although on a smaller scale due to BMC restrictions.

How did you become involved in the business sector?
After the success of my foundation, I opened a café bearing my name in Mumbai, the Zarine Manchanda Café, which is a genuine 7-star experience. I am actively looking to expand my brand to other upscale locations in Mumbai, then to other cities in India and globally.

Can you tell us more about the café and its unique elements?
The Café brands itself as having “luxurious spiritual charm.” From flooring to ceiling, the posh and elegant décor is complemented by the most exclusive crockery and cutlery. Moreover, the café staff rings showpiece Tibetan Bells from Dharamsala – the home of the Dalai Lama – each time they bring food or beverages to café patrons. This “blessing” is a highlight for the café guests as part of ZMC’s most unique USP.

What are your future goals and plans for expansion?
I’m pleased to be recognized as the founder of the 7-star café experience in India. I’m getting requests on LinkedIn and other social media every day, begging me to open new branches of my café everywhere in India and many countries. This is all part of my targeted growth vision.

Zarine Manchanda is a remarkable woman who has made a name for herself as a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. Her background and pedigree gave her a unique perspective and drove her to succeed in both fields. As she continues to expand her brand, she will undoubtedly inspire more young women to pursue their dreams and make their mark in the world.

In conclusion, Zarine Manchanda is a true inspiration and an excellent example of a young woman of substance. She has demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit, strong ethical values, and commitment to philanthropy through her work with the Zarine Manchanda Foundation and the Zarine Manchanda Café. Her success as a respected philanthropist, award-winning entrepreneur, and model has catapulted her onto the national and global stage. She has proven that it is possible to excel in multiple industries and be a role model for young women everywhere. Zarine’s targeted growth vision and plans to expand her brand globally testify to her determination, hard work, and vision for the future. It is no wonder that Zarine has become a national and international media darling, and it is exciting to see where her future endeavors will take her.

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